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[Email Subscribers] Important update on GDPR

Hi there, It's nearing 25th May and I'm happy to inform you that we at Email Subscribers are taking necessary steps to honour GDPR. HERE'S ARE THINGS YOU NEED TO DO: For Email Subscribers plugin: * WHAT DATA EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS STORES AT YOUR END? ( * Update to Email Subscribers version 3.5.1 * HOW TO ENABLE THE 'CONSENT CHECKBOX' IN YOUR EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS FORMS? ( Additionally, if you are using Email Subscribers - Group Selector plugin: * Update to Email subscribers - Group Selector version 1.5.0 * STEPS TO MAKE GROUP SELECTOR PLUGIN GDPR COMPLIANT ( NOTE: KINDLY UPDATE THE PLUGINS TO THE LATEST VERSION. Make sure you give them a read and let me know incase you have any questions. Regards, Andrea           Note: This is an important update and not a marketing email so I'm leaving the unsubscribe link out.


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