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On Sep. 11 you earned $0.15 Samah201239.3r, your $0.15 in earnings on Sep. 11 happened with the help of ad credits, however, you have not yet watched the quick ad credits tutorial video. Why not take a moment to watch it now and understand your options? All-time revenues: $0.79 Your Monthly Revenue   Goal   Revenue Month 1: $1 out of $209 earned Month 2: $0 out of $790 earned Month 3: $0 out of $1,700 earned Month 4: $0 out of $2,497 earned Month 5: $0 out of $3,460 earned Month 6: $0 out of $4,768 earned Month 7: $0 out of $5,969 earned Month 8: $0 out of $7,170 earned Earning is as simple as   Quick video tutorial (1:32) ► YOUR STATUS: QUICK LINKS: Review your balance See the top performers on the leaderboard Who else is on empowr that you already trust? Got questions? Watch quick videos in the learning center, or ask an expert anything


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