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empowr coin auction update Thursday February 22

body { -ms-text-size-adjust: none !important; font-family:'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;} My balance: $2 Home               html Hi Samah201239.3r, Here's your daily update on the empowr founder coin distribution and auction: Thus far, the empowr community has: claimed 722,100,000 founder coins placed 247,684 bids on empowr coins in the last 24 hours placed an average of $4.62 as their max bid in the last 24 hours Want more free coins? Place your bid on any unclaimed coins before the deadline and receive 10% more free coins if your bid wins. Hurry! The clock is ticking - don't miss out: Place your bid now ► New! Download the empowr mobile app:     *This email was sent to █████████@██████ and may contain special notices or promotional offers. To see current terms and conditions visit: empowr Terms and Conditions. You can prevent future emails here. empowr - 501 West Broadway, Suite A182, San Diego, CA 92101, USA


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