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[ ] [ ]My balance: $40 [ ] Post [ ] List [ ] Daily Earnings [ ] Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.SLIDE TO THE RIGHTfor up to 400% higher earnings(may need to tap first) [ ]Who's on empowr? Stop receiving emails? [ ]Unsubscribe Hi Cobbra Moore, You have received a private message: Subject: Daily activities for greater success The key is persistence and consistency - Daily goals need to become a habit. Follow this list of activities and watch your revenue balance skyrocket! 1. Meet or exceed your daily goals every day; List, Post, and Share. Persistence and Consistency are the keys! 2. Become a "FAN" of every profile page that's presented to you. Go to the Leaderboard and become a fan of each person in the top 100 earners for each month. Click on their fans list and become a fan of their fans, too. You'll attract a lot of fans as you climb in power levels. 3. Like the posts from other people that are less than 24 hrs. old. Those pay the most money. These people are more active and see this as the business opportunity that it is. 4. Make sure that you post often, keeping your posts current and plentiful. It's hard for people to "close the loop" when you don't have enough current things to like. With the new rules, you only need to have two posts. Make sure your's are current. 5. Re-post ads from other pages. If you like, bid, and re-post the same ad, more people will see it and the selling price will be more. 6. Make sure that you comment on posts from other people. We're developing relationships, as well as offering items for bid. Be known and recognized by the people you meet on here. 7. Watch the training videos to get a better understanding of terms, practices, and procedures. There's a lot of information to be had in there. 8. Become a fan to your fans. Click on your own profile, scroll down to fans and click again. You'll see a list of all your fans. The ones with checkmarks, you are a fan of, the ones with a " + Become a fan;" click to become their fan, as well. Spend some time doing this periodically. It's that important. 9. Close loops with people that are going places! Go to the leaderboard on the toolbar to the left. Your posts will be seen by a lot more people if you share with those that have a lot of fans. If they don't keep their post current, within 24 hours, they're not helping you. Have fun, earn some "Monopoly" money, and create some great friendships with people that you would have otherwise, never met! Much success, ** I started a Blog to help people go faster, with new information as it comes to me. Feel free to send other people, members of empowr that need help determining what it is, exactly, that they should be doing, to speed up the process. %LINKSTART% Be persistent, stay consistent. That's the key Enjoy the journey! Much success, Michael D Madsen %LINKSTART% █████████@██████ [ ]Reply to this message Get the free empowr mobile app: [ ] [ ] *This promotional email was sent to [ mailto:█████████@██████ ]█████████@██████ and may contain special notices or offers. To see current terms and conditions visit: [ ]empowr Terms and Conditions. You can prevent future emails [ ]here. You can change your password [ ]here. empowr - 501 West Broadway, Suite A182, San Diego, CA 92101, USA


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